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What has happened since 2013?

Yeow! What in the world has happened since 2013? I retired from teaching in 2015, which I thought was going to be absolutely great. And it was, and then it wasn’t. A year and a half of illness crept up on me. The plants in my studio began to die off. Equipment began to rust and I couldn’t bear being in the studio. I thought about selling my press. Then doctors intervened, I changed meds . . . and I’m back at the studio and press 5-10 hours a day.  I didn’t give up on publishing. I have redoubled my efforts to print and edition books of contemporary fiction and poetry. Below find Lark Sparrow Press images with captions from a recently completed short story. My talented and forbearing author was Megan Stielstra who wrote “Professional Development.” I like to describe the book as a story about a proper academic

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